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ranch koiimasis


Ranch Koiimasis is situated in the heart of the Tiras Mountains.

Allow your soul be revived in this magnificent surrounding and enjoy a special feeling of endless freedom amongst shining red granite boulders.
Listen to the secret ancestorial voices, which the echoing wind carries through the ancient valleys.  

The name Koiimasis is derived from the former living San (bushmen) and means: "Place, where people meet."

You may explore this rather variable landscape, ranging from Desert savannah to Quiver tree forest either by guided vehicle tours, on horseback or by foot.
...or take a glance into our ostrich and parrot breeding production facilities....

Enchanting sun-sets and bright, clear night skies present a feeling of serenity.

Our place is the perfect location for you to spend a few days relaxing or exploring, while on your way between Sossusvlei, Lüderitz and the Fish River Canyon.

rain on Koiimasis!
Koiimasis Landing-Strip
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